Children's Party Planning in Bakersfield
Balloon Twisters

Your son or daughter's birthday party is coming up and you are in charge of everything. That means you will be in search of the perfect entertainment option for all of the little guests that will be running around. We have a suggestion for you. Have you ever considered hiring a balloon twister? You can never go wrong with this hire. A professional balloon twister can do some amazing things that will absolutely wow everyone. Think about it, right before everyone's eyes, multiple balloons will be twisted into super fun shapes, animals, characters and people. It will not take you long before you realize that professional balloon twisting is an art form. Believe us when we tell you that is won't be just the kids who are amazed. In fact, you will hate to see the balloon twister leave. It will definitely be a birthday party to remember. You can have it setup where the kids can have a choice as to which shape they want out of a range of shapes. Try it just once and you won't regret it. We would be shocked if you ever had a party again without a balloon twister. That being said, you need to make sure of one thing. You want to make sure that you hire a professional and high quality balloon twister and not just the first advertisement that you see for one. There is a huge difference between a highly skilled balloon twister and someone who has just put an ad in the newspaper saying they can twist balloons. Pay close attention to this guide and let it might your way to the perfect entertainer for your birthday party.

During your search, you need to know who you are looking for. You are looking for an artist who focuses exclusively on the art of balloon sculpting. Also, don't let price necessarily discourage you from hiring a true professional. You have probably never had to look for such a performer before, but to give you an idea, balloon twisters charge anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour and can produce anywhere from 15 to 100 finished balloons depending on the complexity of the sculptures. You will need to decide whether you want only complex forms created or what is called speed twisting or a combination of the two. Speed twisting is all about making sure everyone at a party receives a balloon.

So, while you ponder these issues, start looking for true professional candidates. Check out the world wide web. Or talk to your family, friends and coworkers. When you find a few potential candidates, meet with them and have a talk about what they possibly can do for your son or daughter's birthday party. Look for a candidate who can twist at least 15 complex balloon structures or 100 simple shapes in one hour. Find out if they will provide their own balloons. What is their personality like? You need to hire someone who not only can twist balloons in a fun and professional way, but who also can interact with the children. Do they charge a travel fee? Find out if they usually work with a certain number of children at en event. If you have more than that coming to your party, make sure they are comfortable with that. Do they offer any discounts for any reason? For instance, what if your party is on a weekday night? Get references and follow up on each one. How long have they been a balloon twister? Ask them what shapes they can twist balloons into. Have them twist a few right in front of you. Don't forget to have a background check done on the one that you hire. You have done a lot of footwork here, take advantage of it and hire the candidate you feel the best about based on your investigation.