Children's Party Planning in Bakersfield
Bounce Houses

We realize that we are going to make a blanket statement here, but the truth is the truth. You cannot have a successful birthday party without a cool bounce house. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that they are just so much fun. A quality bounce house will take your party from average to awesome. You will have a hard time pulling the kids out of there when the time is up. And nowadays there are so many options. From inflatable slides to obstacles to your normal bounce house, this is sure to create a memory that will never be forgotten. But before you run out and rent one, there are some questions that you will need to ask of the providers that you consider. While you are stoked that everyone is going to have a blast, you also want everyone to be safe. So, with this in mind, this guide was created to help you locate some quality candidates in the Bakersfield area and to hone in on the one you will want to hire. So, when it comes to this guide, our suggestion is that you never leave home without it.

Finding potential candidates is your first step along this path. Start by asking your family, friends and coworkers about any experiences they may have had with a bounce house. Maybe someone you know has rented a bounce house. Or maybe they have been to a party where a bounce house was enjoyed by everyone present. If they felt everything went well, get the name of the provider and start keeping a list of potential candidates. Don't forget about the world wide web. Do a Google search for “bounce house providers in the Bakersfield area.” This search should give you a long list of providers. Click on the first 30 links at least. Start checking out the bounce houses on the individual websites. Pick out the ones that appear to be extremely high quality and add their information to the list that you are keeping. When you have a number of candidates to check out, call each one to setup an interview.

Once you are sitting across from each candidate, have your questions at the ready. You definitely need to find out if the company is licensed. This is protection for you and all of your guests not to mention that it is the law. The same could be said about insurance. You will be very happy you found out if the company had it when an accident occurs. It may be hard to believe but many companies choose not to insure their bounce houses because of the expense. But again, this is essential and a must. Ask them how old their rentals are. Ask to see a bounce house or two at their facility. And then ask yourself if you want to see an old beat up dirty bounce house setup at your son or daughter's birthday party. Do they clean and sanitize their inflatables after each rental? How much room will be needed in order to setup the bounce house? How long will it take for setup? Eventually you will need to come to the big question. How much will it cost to rent one of their bounce houses? Eventually, you will finish with all of your interviews. At that point, go home and and do a side by side comparison as you look at all of the information you gathered from each candidate. An informed decision awaits you.